Microsoft released the Windows 10 update for Xbox One last month but sadly the Xbox One remote play isn’t compatible with Windows 10 Mobile. It’s disappointing for Xbox fans that recently bought a new Windows 10 smartphone.

An intriguing feature of Windows 10 allows you to use the Xbox app to stay connected with the Xbox Live community; stream Xbox One games and start party chats on Windows 10 PCs, laptops and tablets.

Similar to the PS4 remote play, the Xbox One remote play allows streaming your favourite games on a TV for extended gameplay sessions, reports Trusted Reviews.

Because of the glitch, Xbox fans can’t have the same fun with Xbox One on newly released Windows 10. It seems Microsoft’s in no hurry to work on the compatibility problem to make Xbox app available for smartphones.

A Microsoft spokesperson commented on the issue, saying the company has to consider all factors before working on the compatibility issue. But it’s technically possible to sync the Xbox app and Windows 10 devices, reports TechRadar.

Not all Xbox fans are unhappy since many feel it’s better to enjoy the game on large screens than on small smartphones screens that have little room for menu information. The idea’s not solely about accessing the game but having fun with diverse options and quality HUD, which isn’t possible on a 5.5-inch display.

After all, gaming videos are about feeling the adrenaline rush fueled by visually appealing graphics, digital sounds and much more. But a small hand-held device can’t create the intensity and passion of video games in a very small space.

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