The holidays are coming and people will be getting a lot of free time to play their favourite games they’ve been waiting to play. However, a status report from Microsoft suggests that some parts of Xbox Live services were still suffering from technical issues last week even if many had been resolved.

Microsoft, via its official Xbox Support page, announced that the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 users were having trouble signing in, receiving notifications and game invites, buying digital content, redeeming codes and accessing certain content across all platforms. Later, the company released status reports showing that the issues were resolved.

A few days back, a group of hackers called Phantom Squad released threats. The group declared that it will knock down Xbox Live and PSN during the Christmas holidays. Last week, many users experienced problems with the Xbox services and Microsoft also confirmed that some of the services linked to Xbox Live were not functioning properly.

Metro reported that Phantom Squad took responsibility for the Xbox Live outage. The group also said that their next target will be the PlayStation Network.

Microsoft has not released any statement regarding any hacking attempts but the connectivity issues were evident. Reports of vulnerability in the Xbox Live system caught attention when Microsoft released a statement that the Xbox Live digital certificate was “inadvertently disclosed.” After this incident, Microsoft released dozens of security updates to eliminate the possibilities of hacking attempts on Xbox Live users.

Via the Xbox Live Status page, Microsoft announced also that they are aware of these issues and are working to get them fixed. Those having trouble buying content, downloading items already purchased, signing in, managing, recovering or creating an account on Xbox Live can check the Xbox Support website to find solutions.

Play together with Xbox Live Gold (Credit: YouTube/Xbox)

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