Finn Balor NXT WWE 2K16
NXT Champion Finn Balor makes his entrance without the "demon" paint. WWE 2K Facebook

Patch 1.04 for “WWE 2K16” is now available for download on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The patch comes with the usual amount of bug and glitch fixes, but this particular download also comes with new entrances for current NXT Champion Finn Balor and former NXT and Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens.

The new entrance for Finn Balor was teased during a livestream with the superstar, when one of the developers mentioned that it would be released in a patch. Many fans were confused because the latest patch at the time was 1.03, which didn’t have the entrance update.

The announcement for the patch was made in the official WWE 2K forums, where the developers also detailed the problems that were fixed. While adjustments were made for all consoles, last-gen fans will be disappointed to know that they won’t be receiving the new entrances for the superstars in this patch.

Finn Balor has two playable versions in the game – regular and “demon” – each of which has a different entrance. In a move that can be considered surprising, both entrances have been updated and look much smoother than the previous ones for Balor. Some had assumed that only the “demon” entrance would get an update, so it’s nice to see both versions of Finn get equal treatment.

Kevin Owens gets two new entrances as well: one for his regular entrance and another for when he has a championship. Prior to the patch, it was always awkward seeing the belt wrapped around the waist of Owens, since the belt would suddenly grow in length and width. With the new entrance animation, it looks much more normal.

Attack of the Fanboy has also confirmed a new championship entrance for Dolph Ziggler. The animation is interesting, as he does his signature air punches before turning the belt into the right position.

Entrances aside, the patch will also add support for the upcoming “Future Stars Pack” featuring Samoa Joe, Blake, Murphy and Los Matadores. The downloadable content (DLC) pack will come out on Jan. 26 for the price of US$7.99 (AU$11.42).

“WWE 2K16” is now available for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. After the “Future Stars Pack,” fans still have the “Hall of Fame Showcase” to look forward to.

WWE 2K16 gameplay: Finn Bálor vs. Kevin Owens (Credit: YouTube/WWE)