Women who accuse Trump of sexually inappropriate behaviour call for Congress investigation

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Developer Donald Trump talks with his former wife Ivana Trump during the men's final at the U.S. Open September 7, 1997. Reuters/Mike Blake/File Photo FROM THE FILES PACKAGE "THE CANDIDATES"

Women who accuse US President Donald Trump of sexually inappropriate behaviour are calling for lawmakers to open an investigation. Meanwhile, the president denied such claims while the White House has supposedly said that the accusers are lying.

On Monday, a group of female accusers demanded that Congress start an investigation. It is not the first time the women have come forward. Rachel Crooks, Samantha Holvey and Jessica Leeds first came to the public eye during last year’s presidential election.

Holvey has claimed that Trump barged into a dressing room of Miss USA. He was said to be a part owner of the beauty pageant at that time.

Crooks and Leeds accused the POTUS of groping and kissing without their consent. But the allegations do not end there as over a dozen women have accused him of sexual assault and other sexually inappropriate behaviour.

Holvey said at press conference at the Lexington Hotel in New York lawmakers must extend the same scrutiny to Trump as they did to Minnesota senator Al Franken. The later had faced an ethics investigation over claims of groping and unwanted kissing before his resignation.

She argued that it is fair that the POTUS be investigated too. Crooks seconded, saying a Congress investigation is probably the only thing they can ask for.

Calls for Trump to resign

Amid the allegations against the US leader, New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand called on Trump to step down, telling CNN the president should resign. She added the allegations are numerous and labelled them as “credible.”

The prominent Democrat said she has heard the women’s testimony and found that many of them were heartbreaking. She also believes that Trump must be investigated.

Democratic Sen Ron Wyden of Oregon has also called on Trump to resign. He took to Twitter to also call for Congress to investigate the allegations and pointed out that no one is above the law.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has said on a press briefing the allegations against the POTUS dated from “long before [Trump] was elected president.” “The people of this country, in a decisive election, supported President Trump,” she added.

As for Holvey, Crooks and Leeds, one thing they have in common is that they are all hoping their stories will have a greater impact under the #MeToo movement. Holvey said on NBC’s Today show the environment is different. “Let’s try round two,” she said.