US woman Jacqueline Claire Ades arrested for allegedly sending man she just met online 65,000 texts messages
US woman Jacqueline Claire Ades arrested for allegedly sending man she just met online 65,000 texts messages Twitter/PVPolice

A 31-year-old American woman was arrested last week for sending a man she just met online 65,000 text messages. Jacqueline Claire Ades of Phoenix, Arizona, has been charged with threatening, stalking, harassment and failure to appear in court.

Ades met the man through an online dating site and went one date with him in 2017 before she allegedly started bombarding him with thousands of text messages a day and showing up at his home and workplace. The victim reported that Ades continually texted him after he told her he wanted nothing to do with her anymore.

She was found parked in from of the victim’s residence in Paradise Valley in July 2017. She was sent on her way by the police. Shortly after, she apparently began sending the man threatening texts. Police report indicated that she had returned to the residence in December. Police were unable to locate her, though.

On April 8, the man called the police, saying he was out of the country but he checked his home surveillance video and saw Ades in his home. Officers went to his home and found Ades there taking a bath. She was taken into custody and charged with a felony trespass to a residence. She was released after her initial appearance and given a court date but missed it. Then she began sending the man threatening text messages.

On May 4, police were called to a business address. A woman out front was reported to be acting irrationally and claiming to be the wife of the owner. It turned out to be Ades, who claimed to the officer that she was the business owner’s wife. The owner is also the man whom she had allegedly been stalking.

According to court records, Ades sent the man 65,000 text messages, ranging from declaring her love to threatening to kill him. Among them were anti-Semitic messages, including praises for Hitler. The messages, KPHO-TV reports, included:

“Don’t ever try to leave me… I’ll kill you… I don’t wanna be a murderer!”

“I hope you die… you rotten filthy Jew.”

“I’m like the new Hitler… man was a genius.”

“I’d wear your fascia ‘n the top of your skull ‘n your hands ‘n feet.”

“Oh, what I would do w/your blood… I’d wanna bathe in it.”

On her interview from jail on Thursday, Ades did not deny the volume of her text messages, but she continued to declare her love for him, calling him her soul mate.

“No, I am the person that [sic] discovered love,” she replied to a reporter when asked if she was crazy. She explained that her text messages appeared more threatening than loving because “everything is not perfect.” She also she had to send her so many messages because it made him find out all his information.

“Loving him selflessly brought me his information. Because everybody just wants to take. But if you just give and you don’t stop giving, you will all of a sudden receive a lot,” she said.

Ades is set to appear in court on May 15.