WhistlinDiesel, The Fast-Rising YouTuber Who Made a Fortune from His Passion

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Want to find out who Mrs. WhistlinDiesel is? Short answer: a YouTube star! Find out more about WhistlinDiesel here! 

What started as a passion for adrenaline and dangerous stunts with trucks and other vehicles resulted in great popularity. This is the story of Cody Detwiler, the YouTuber behind the popular WhistlinDiesel channel. 

WhistlinDiesel is a truck enthusiast, and everybody can see that from his YouTube videos featuring him trying out the latest and coolest trucks on the market and then destroying them. This fast-rising YouTuber also gained popularity for being incredibly sincere about not posting videos for clickbait. It’s clear he only does it for passion and fun. 

But who is WhistlinDiesel? And how much does he make out of his truck passion? Find out below! 

WhistlinDiesel Profile: An Overview

Not many can say they’ve made a career for themselves from their passion. But Cody Detwiler can definitely say that. Born on the 18th of July, 1998 in Indiana, US, Detwiler has always been passionate about trucks, these vehicle’s power, and how he can have the best fun with them. The passion for trucks only grew alongside Cody, and finally, when he turned 19, it transformed into a way of life and source of income for the YouTuber.

WhistlinDiesel Net Worth

Speaking of a source of income, WhistlinDiesel has proven that YouTube videos and being really passionate about something is a lucrative business. Wondering what the net worth of WhistlinDiesel is? Well, learn that as of 2021, the current net worth of the YouTuber is $1.8 million. This is how much a popular YouTube channel with a total of 2.4 million subscribers is earning Cody Detwiler. 

Now, Detwiler started his YouTube channel at the age of 19 and has since grown it until the point in which his videos get an average of half a million views daily. The vast number of followers and his desire to create unique content that users can’t find on other truck-focused channels have dictated the type of content he produces. WhistlinDiesel videos are best known for featuring brand-new bought vehicles that get destroyed. 

Mr. and Mrs. WhistlinDiesel

The YouTuber seems to also succeed in his personal life, not just in the YouTube business. He is a married man to the so-called Mrs. Whistlin on her social media. 

Rachel Detwiler, as Mrs. Whistlin’s real name is, may not be an Internet celebrity as famous as her husband, but she has a YouTube channel and a pretty popular Instagram account as well. If you take a look at Rachel’s YouTube channel, you’ll see just how perfect the couple is for sharing their passion for vehicles. Mrs. Whistlin also talks about her passion for cars, she posts hilarious footage with her friends, and she does a Q&A segment where she answers the questions of her husband’s female fans. 

Passion Transformed into Fame

Since he was 19 and launched his own YouTube channel driven by his passion for vehicles, Cody has constantly improved his content but has always kept his well-known sense of humor and curiosity for testing vehicles, no matter the fame level he has reached. 

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