Actress Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker had twins with the help of a surrogate mother. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Carrie Bradshaw may like her life in West Village apartment in the "Sex and the City," but Sarah Jessica Parker likes it even more. She chose it particularly to show her own shoe line. The problem is that people living in the area do not have the same feelings toward Carrie Bradshaw, more so with Sarah Jessica Parker. For them, ever since the spot was chosen to film Carrie's colourful life as a sexy writer with sexy friends living her life independently, the place never ceased being colourful...and rowdy.

On October 7, SJP posted pictures on her Instagram of her lining up she shoe line for Nordstrom on the sidewalk leading to the West Village apartment. She also posed one where she is leaning over the chain on the stoop of the apartment and placing some of her items. Lastly, which probably infuriated the people who live in the area, she also posted a picture of her posing on the stoop herself alongside her shoes. She captioned the picture with "It was take your @sjpcollection shoes to work day. #longdayforCarrie #whewwwwthosesteps #runninginheels #taxi!"

However, all these activities in the stoop of the apartment did not please the residents of the apartment and neigbours. For one, there's a specific sign placed in the stoop of the apartment to stop people from going up and taking pictures there. A sign that reads, "Do NOT go on staircase please," was put up by the owners of 66 Perry St. to to ward off tourists who love taking pictures in the area, who just burgeoned after "Sex and the City."

According to Page Six, Gerald Banu, president of the Perry Street Association, shared that neighbours aren't happy about the seemingly unauthorised shoe shoot.

"I heard about the shoot. They didn't get the permission from the owner. The situation with SATC visitors is still very intense. People who live here get upset that the sidewalks are constantly jammed," he said. The residents even wish that for the third installment of the "Sexy and The City," Carrie would be housed somewhere else. SJP has not made any comments on this yet.

Comments on the Page Six article showed that many fans of the TV series and movie, and of Sarah Jessica Parker think the backlash is uncalled for. They believe that it was because of the movie that the real estate prices of the area inflated so much, which benefit the owners. One commenter wrote, "Sounds like they ought to quit biting the hand that feeds them."