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In a skit aired on April 7 on "Late Night With Seth Meyers," the comedian invites Jon Snow for dinner. However, it is soon evident that Meyers is mortified by his decision to invite the "Game of Thrones" character.

In the video, Kit Harington's character attends a dinner party with the comic's friends. He soon realizes that dinner etiquette in 2015 is pretty different than in the "Game of Thrones" universe. (Watch the video below.)

Jon cannot seem to find anything to talk about except his brutally-killed family members and the fact that "winter is coming." He also warns of the White-Walkers and refers to himself as a "bastard" a few times.

After talking too much about his father’s beheading, Meyers pulls Snow aside to teach him some dinner party decorum. However, the lessons do not stick and things still continue to go downhill throughout the evening, causing awkward moments among fellow guests.

It does not get any better when the HBO character talks about his dead brother, the miserable Wall and former love, Ygritte. Eventually, Snow apologizes to the guests, and is encouraged to explain why he is so grave. The result is a montage of key moments from the series such as the birth of Daenerys' dragons, the choking death of Joffrey and the grisly demise of Oberyn Martell.

While he acts out the scenes from the show, one of Meyers’ staff (a red-haired woman) starts to fall for Snow. The highlight of the evening was when Snow almost reveals the identity of his mother.

Before Snow can theorize about who his mother really is, a red-haired woman (the one who reminds him of his dead love Ygritte) suggests a game of charades.

During the game, despite Meyers' best attempts, Snow cannot guess the movie "You've Got Mail." "Direwolf? Three-eyed raven? Incest!" are his answers, to which Meyers has the only possible response, "You know nothing, Jon Snow."

The highly-anticipated April 12 premiere of the Season 5 of "Game of Thrones" is just days away. Earlier this month, George R.R. Martin released a full chapter from the upcoming book in the series, "The Winds Of Winter," on his website Georgerrmartin.com. The chapter tells the story from the perspective of Sansa Stark.

Season 5 consists of 10 episodes and will mostly be based on the fourth and fifth fifth novels of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" book series.

Video: Seth Brings Jon Snow to a Dinner Party - Late Night with Seth Meyers

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