Fans that miss the characters from “The Walking Dead: Season 1” by Telltale Games might be happy to know that some of them will be coming to “The Walking Dead: Road to Survival” for iOS and Android devices. This is part of a limited time crossover between “Road to Survival” developer Scopely and Telltale Games.

According to the game’s official Facebook page, those that log in for the event will get a free Lee Everett character. Everett is a three-star character, making him a decent character to use against zombies, though he’s far from being cheap or overpowered.

Unlocking Clementine and the other characters will require some work, as the game’s official press release stated that mobile players must finish the limited in-game events to do so. Fans have until Jan. 31 to unlock their favorite characters from “The Walking Dead: Season 1.”

Lee Everett was the lead character for “The Walking Dead: Season 1.” Fans had to make some very difficult decisions for him, including who to save and what to salvage. Each decision would have consequences in the game, which made each choice very hard to make.

Those that played the series from Telltale Games know that Everett dies in the first season’s finale, with Clementine getting the spotlight for the second season of the episodic game series. Fans will probably be happy to see Everett and Clementine working together in “Road to Survival,” though it is for a limited time only so fans better download the game right away.

“Road to Survival” has been a favorite since it was released, due to the game’s connection to the comic books. Characters like Rick Grimes and The Governor have already made appearances in the mobile game, with more characters that will be revealed in the future.

Mobile gamers can download “The Walking Dead: Road to Survival” right now on an iOS or Android device. The game is free-to-play, but also supports in-app purchases for those that would rather get the unlockables early. The crossover with Telltale Games will end on Jan. 31, so those that want to see Lee and Clementine again should download the title.

Limited Time Telltale Crossover Event

(Credit: YouTube/Walking Dead: Road To Survival)

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