For gaming fans who've always wanted to develop their own video games, the Unity 5 Game Hacker Bundle is offering premium content for a perfect headstart in game development.

Unity 5 is a game engine used to develop 2D and 3D games. It is becoming an industry standard for development of multi-platform, feature-rich games. According to The Next Web, the new Unity 5 Game Hacker Bundle offers a wide range of features ranging from a 64-bit editor to frame debuggers. The Unity 5 engine can develop quality games and interactive experiences.

Those willing to learn new skills this New Year or are planning to pick up a new hobby can take advantage of the deals available on Unity 5 Game Hacker Bundle. The package offers five courses from the beginner level, which include “What’s New in Unity 5” worth US$29 (approx. AU$40). The next course in the bundle is “Game Development with Unity 5,” which is available at US$199 (approx. AU$274).

The Unity 5 Game Hacker Bundle includes three more courses, “The Complete Unity 5 Intro – Learn to Build and Design Games” worth US$49 (approx. AU$68), “Unity 5 Professional Guide – Mastering C# Programming” worth US$79 (approx. AU$109) and "Publish the Captain Rocket iPhone Game in Under 2-Hours with Unity 5,” which is available at US$99 (approx. AU$136) for independent purchase.

All of these courses have a combined value of US$455 (approx. AU$625), but the package is available at a lesser price. With 89 percent of discount, the package of five courses is available for US$49 (approx. AU$68). The courses are offered by Udemy.

The five-courses in Unity 5 Game Hacker Bundle offers more than 30 hours of content that teaches different aspects of game development. The buyer will learn User Interface concepts, scripting, C# language skills and 3D modeling. The courses are also useful for projects outside of game development. The Unity 5 Hacker Bundle is available for a limited time, according to several online stores.

Unite 2015 - Build Your Unity Game with Facebook (Credit: YouTube/Unity)