Parents Influence Sleep Habits In Teens
In Photo: Girls stand in a dorm at the shelter for underage immigrants. Reuters

In a yet another shocking incident that reveal the inbuilt human racism, a 10-year-old girl reportedly wrote a disappointing letter to her friend. The letter states that she might not be allowed to attend her friend's birthday party since she is “black.”

The letter reads, “Maybe I will not be able to go to your birthday sleepover because my dad will not let me go because you are black. Not trying to be raced, but my mom let me know.. Happy birthday!' reported The Independent.

The two girls are students at Highlands Oak Elementary in Memphis, Tennessee. Just after receiving the letter, the shocked parents of Harmony Jones came forward to present their views.

“It angered me a little bit. It hurt me that my 10-year-old girl had to deal with this, and I myself never thought I would have to deal with this," said Christopher Jones, Harmony's father, reported The Independent.

“I guess as parents, we have to be more aware and more conscious of what we teach our children,” he continued.

Civil rights activist Lasimba Gray reportedly said that the incident was regretful, however, it can turn into a teaching experience. She finds the letter regrettable since it is being taught by a parent to a kid to practice partiality and judge someone based on their skin colour.

The school and the parents of the girl who wrote the letter have not yet commented on the incident. The parents of the birthday girl, on the other hand, did not let the letter affect Harmony's birthday sleepover.

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