Conor McGregor, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) interim featherweight champion, once again stole the spotlight during the recent UFC “Go Big” press conference that featured the mixed martial arts promotional outfit’s biggest names.

“The Notorious” was on top of his trash talking game, dismissing his fellow contenders and reserving most of his harsh one-liners for bitter rival Jose Aldo, who was also in attendance. The Dublin, Ireland native declared that the end of the year will be the end of the featherweight division when he finally proves how petrified Aldo is of his potential and fighting prowess.

“The end of 2015 means the end of the featherweight division. They are all dead in the water, it’s done — if the Brazilian shows up,” McGregor said according to the Washington Post. “I hope he does, [but] who knows? He’s petrified. He’s the so-called pound-for-pound No. 1 but he’s quaking in his boots over there…”

Aldo and McGregor have been given a second opportunity by UFC President Dana White to settle their differences at UFC 194 on Dec. 12. The acclaimed fighters were scheduled to contest the featherweight title last July at UFC 189 but the Brazilian pulled out late because of a rib injury. The circumstance only gave McGregor more artillery to throw at Aldo, who he claims will be a no-show once more in the upcoming unification bout. This premise was his reason for turning his attention to majority of the 18 other fighters onstage during the presser, telling them to be ready, as he vows to come after them next.

McGregor called out prestigious fighters such as Rafael dos Anjos, Donald Cerrone, and even welterweights such as Matt Brown and Kevin Gastelum. Even his recent vanquished opponent in Chad Mendes did not escape his brash words as commented that Mendes “hit like a strawweight” and that after their fight the smaller American contender could not stand up and was “curled up like a [expletive]”.

All of the named brawlers took offense to the 27-year-old McGregor’s challenges, but no one was riled up more than Aldo who almost got physical with the challenger when they faced off on-stage. The featherweight champions had to be separated by President White as they were almost ready to come to blows. Watch the clip of the confrontation below:


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