Malcolm Turnbull wants to drop policies which do not work.

According to the Australian PM, plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery. You should copy somebody who is achieving their objective in a better way than you are, he said. Turnbull said his government would “copy” any better policy and chuck the old one out.

The Australian prime minister was speaking at the Economic and Social Outlook Conference in Melbourne as he explained his economic approach. He said the government was trying to achieve a “first world economy” with high wage and generous social welfare net.

“We need to explain that every vessel, every sinew of our government’s policy is designed to deliver better jobs and better opportunities,” The Australian quoted Turnbull as saying. “In short, a more prosperous and secure future for them, and for their grandchildren, and above all one that is fair both to those who want to get ahead, and those who for whatever reason are not able to do so.”

The Australian PM wants tax changes to be fair. He said Australians should check out the reform and consider it “fair enough.” He said his government would be “brave enough and smart enough” to ensure progress for the country.

"A reform package must, at the very least, raise the revenue we need, share the burden fairly across the community and do so in a way that incentivises employment, investment and innovation," Turnbull said. "We will use every measure that we can to achieve that, rather than as some would have us hiding under the doona shuddering at the changes around them."

Turnbull said his government, like a sailor, had a clear vision and a certain destination. He added the government would be open and honest about the circumstances to understand and explain opportunities and challenges.

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