Total Solar Eclipse 2012 in Astrology: What does this mean for ‘Scorpions’ and Horoscope Readers? [PHOTOS and VIDEO]

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Total Solar Eclipse 2012 in Astrology: What does this mean for 'Scorpions' and horoscope readers? [VIDEO ]

See 'Solar Eclipse in Scorpio' in iPhone app

To others, Nov 14 in Australia is marked by a total solar eclipse. To astrologers, Wednesday's phenomenon should be called the solar eclipse in Scorpio.

Total Solar Eclipse November 2012: Watch Online Webcasts, Tweet Photos [VIDEO]         

The sun rises Wednesday in Australia looking like something chewed off it. Meanwhile, the moon enters its New Moon phase. The world is in a very modern or digital age, but predictable changes in the skies still mean something to astrologers.

Astrologer explains 'Solar Eclipse in Scorpio'

How relevant are eclipses to zodiac sign readers? Self-proclaimed astrologer Christine Berreira (astrogoddess) explains on YouTube.

"The solar eclipse is different because it draws us into something that we already know was coming. It's been sort of on the back burner, and we have to address it. And because it's in Scorpio, it's going to impact us in a way that is more complicated. The pieces are complicated," Berreira said.

It has often been observed that horoscope forecasts and astrology readings are always delivered in such a way that practically anyone can relate.

This brings to mind a scientific commentary made by Laura Danly of the Griffith Observatory: If you believe the moon can affect your behavior, then you will see certain effects.

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The flattened sky in the apps

In this screen capture using an iPhone and the SkyView app, the Scorpion constellation is highlighted by the app design. The moon and the sun already appear to be overlapping at 5AM AEST.

The November 2012 solar eclipse as pictured in SkyView iOS app [SkyView]

Another iPhone app, Night Sky Lite, shows the constellations in frameworks only. But the picture includes planets for an enhanced stargazing experience.

The November 2012 solar eclipse as pictured in Night Sky Lite iOS app [Night Sky Lite]

Astrologer talks solar eclipse 'impacts'

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