After having waited for quite some time, Apple fans finally had their hands on the iPad Mini Retina Display that complete the tech giant's newest iPad lineup this year. It has been one of the most anticipated tablets for this year and it is perceived to be the one to change the game within the tablet industry. Surely it will be one of the most in demand gift gadget this coming holiday shopping season.

The iPad Mini Retina Display almost has the right features that every tablet consumer will look for. If by now, you are still wondering why it is considered such a hot device, then here are the top 7 reasons why it is worth the wait and money.

1 The iPad Mini Retina Display Did Not Compromise On The Need To be Powerful

Yes, it may be budget friendly with a starting price of $399 but you can be sure that its power is not compromised. Packed with the latest A7 processor of Apple, the 64-bit architecture and the M7 motion processor, who can ask for more? All these features make it powerful enough to use the device for video editing or playing high graphic games.

2 Flexible Connectivity

The iPad Mini Retina Display is impressively wireless on its own as you can share your screen with Apple-TV attached televisions. You can also transfer files between Macs and other products that are iOS based through its AirDrop.

3 Bigger Storage

This is another aspect that the iPad Mini Retina Display is a standout. With 16GB onboard for space and the option to go all the way to 128GB is surely an appealing aspect for the Apple power users.

4 Will Last a Long Time

Apple has been consistent in holding a track record in creating devices that really last. Hence, you can expect the latest iPad Mini Retina Display to really hold up for a good number of years.

5 Easy Access of Services

You need not worry about how to access all the services you need to enjoy your iPad Mini Retina Display. Apple has packed it with sufficient built in services that can also be easily synced to your other Apple devices.

6 The Retina Display

Nothing can look sharper than with the help of the most important feature of this new Apple tablet, the Retina display. Apple said that it has more than 3.1 million pixels making it even more crisp and sharper than a regular HDTV.

7 More Battery Life

Above all, you can enjoy prolonged usage of the new iPad Mini Retina Display since it render 10 hours total of battery life. No doubt, it can be deemed as anyone's best tablet companion. Can you think of other tablets in the industry at the moment who can keep up with what the new iPad Mini can offer?

(Video Credit: YouTube/MobileTechReview)