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"Destiny" has gone from being merely a game to one that is grounded on a community of players. With this, the players have been consistently creating sites, guides and helpful hints for fellow fans so they can also enjoy the game in various ways. For those who are just getting started wtih "Destiny" this new year, or for those who just want to take part in what already exists in the community today, here are the top 5 sites and guides for "Destiny."

Destiny Ghost Hunter

Depending on how far you've gone through the game, or how many hours you've devoted to increasing the level of your Guardian, there are many levels that exist in the "Destiny" universe. One of the differences lie in the kind of relic or gear you are trying to find in your adventures. This is why Destiny Ghost Hunter can be helpful for those who are sweeping up some of their loot to unlock some elusive collectible items. If you are one of those "Destiny" players, then it's possible that you will need to find the dead ghosts to continue your journey.

According to GameInformer, Destiny Ghost Hunter serves as a good reference to locate the dead ghosts that you still need to find in the game. It's personal because it will require your username, so it can give you an easy-to-read list of ghosts found and still hidden.

Destiny Gun Damage

For the guns and weapons enthusiast, the Destiny Gun Damage site allows you to chart your weapon of choice and compare it with other guns in terms of damages per bullet, rounds per minute and mag size, among others. There's already a premade gun data list where you can see the guns with their specific stats. But given the perks and other add-ons that one can have, the site also allows "Destiny" players to compare data with perks included.

Destiny Public Events

Rewards and playing with other "Destiny" fans are the lifeblood of Public Events, and these are also what make player keep going back for more. To make things easier for fans, the site ensures that fans can drop in and check when the next Public Event may happen.

More than just an informational site, Destiny Public Events also gathers fan content and insight, as fans can help make the public event announcements more accurate. Even developer Bungie has already put the site on focus late last year, especially since Public Events give "Destiny" more spice for its players.


Even the most seasoned "Destiny" players will need help, and this comes in the form of a Fireteam, which is the squad that lets you get through tasks easier and faster than if you were to go through it solo. DestinyTeamFinder is a sight that makes it even easier to find companions to help you out.

Players don't even need any signups to get started. The benefit here is you can find or create Fireteams depending on the console you are playing on. It is also easy to navigate, as the listings are broken into categories per console as well as filters for a more user-friendly interface.


Another site featured by developer Bungie, DestinyTracker has a number of features that a "Destiny" fan will surely find very useful. There are tabs on activities that one can go into in the "Destiny universe. There is also a list of locations to visit, vendors to buy from or trade gears and items with, bounties listed in real-time, emblem viewer, which also features downloadable backgrounds, and more.

DestinyTracker is basically your tracking and ranking site, with the stats coming from Bungie. But what makes it different from an informational site is that the stats and info are ranked and presented in a unique way, with leaderboards being one of these ways. A sample can be seen in the video below. For more helpful links for "Destiny," Redditor Plastic_Mouldsman has a lot more in terms of checking on your Guardian stats, looking for Fireteams and even the informational sites.

DestinyTracker Top 5 Clips (Credit: YouTube/DestinyTracker)

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