Doug Liman and Tom Cruise
Hollywood actor Tom Cruise (R) speaks next to director Doug Liman (L) as they attend a news conference for their movie "Edge of Tomorrow" in Tokyo June 27, 2014. The movie will open in Japan on July 4, 2014. Reuters/Yuya Shino

Tom Cruise reunites with Doug Liman to develop the director’s “Luna Park,” a sci-fic film about a group of scientists who plan a trip to the outer space to obtain an energy source.

With Cruise coming on board, the project, which has long been in development, may get ready to go into production, though it depends on the latest draft of the script, according to Variety. Cruise reportedly wants to star in the film produced by Paramount.

Liman first set up the project under DreamWorks in 2007, but later Paramount took over and greenlit the project in 2011, according to Variety’s report. The names of Chris Evans and Andrew Garfield were doing the rounds for the leading roles. The production, however, soon came to a stop after co-financier Skydance Pictures stepped out over budget concerns -- it was exceeding USD100 million [AUD 142.9 million].

The Hollywood Reporter (THR) reported that the script has undergone several revisions and different writers have worked on it, including Mark Bowden, Ken Nolan and Simon Kinberg.

“Luna Park” follows a group of former space employees who steal space equipments from all over the world for their space trip to the moon to acquire an energy source, according to THR. An ex-NASA employee is also on their list of items to steal.

Cruise and Liman are known to be close to each other, and this upcoming film will be their third project together. They have previouly collaborated on “Edge of Tomorrow” and “Mena.” The latter is set to premiere on Jan. 06, 2016.

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