Respawn Entertainment, developer of the then-Xbox console-exclusive “Titanfall,” has already confirmed that it is already working on the “Titanfall” sequel. Now, it appears that more manpower is required in creating the sequel, as the team has now reportedly expanded to add 30 percent of the team that was behind the original title.

GameSpot reported that the team currently has 90 people working on “Titanfall 2.” This is interesting, but at the same time logical, if previous reports about what fans can expect for “Titanfall 2” are to be believed. Respawn Entertainment is reportedly now creating a single-player campaign for the sequel, a feature that was not included in the multiplayer-only original title.

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Additionally, the games will now be released on the PlayStation platforms, as it was a then Xbox console-exclusive title that was also released for the PC.

The developer has yet to announce any specifics or even broad details on which direction the team plans to bring “Titanfall 2.” However, earlier, there were also other reports that the “Titanfall” sequel may actually launch in 2016. With the E3 2016 still coming in a few months, there is a good chance that, the possibility of a reveal by then could be made. For now, the team is still looking to grow, especially once production starts to steadily arrive.

The “Titanfall 2” sequel does not seem to be the only project that developer Respawn Entertainment is working on. DualShockers spotted a job ad that is looking for a Rendering Artist for a yet unannounced title. From the details of the job ad, this appears to be a third-person action-adventure title that makes use of tools and shaders in the Unreal Engine 4.

Late last 2015, Respawn has also been reported to brig “Titanfall” to the mobile market. Early reports from Venture Beat had confirmed that the “Titanfall 2” developer has already partnered with Asian publisher Nexon in bringing the “Titanfall” game to mobile. Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella had been quoted to say that 2016 will be a big year for “Titanfall,” so it could mean that apart from the “Titanfall” sequel, there may also be some more updates on where its mobile stance is now.

"Titanfall 2" announcement (Credit: YouTube/IGN)