Tesla Model S
The logo of the Tesla model S is pictured on media day at the Paris auto show, in Paris, France, September 30, 2016. Reuters/Benoit Tessier

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has teased that the Model S is set to become even faster than before. The Tesla Model S’ Ludicrous Mode will go through an update and this will make the electric vehicle faster than ever before.

“Forgot to mention there will be a P100D Ludicrous Easter egg soon that uncorks the full performance,” Musk recently tweeted about the Tesla Model S P100D.

Even though the tweet does not say much about the update, it is known that the Ludicrous Mode allows the Tesla Model S to accelerate to 60mph in just 2.5 seconds. People can only imagine what the new update will do to the vehicle speed.

In terms of acceleration, the Tesla Model S is currently the third fastest production car in the world after Ferrari’s LaFerrari and Porsche’s 918 Spyder. It is highly possible that Musk is all set to break some records with the Ludicrous Mode update, writes Digital Trends.

Apart from a speed and performance boost, the Tesla Model S will also get a panoramic glass sunroof that already has a five star plus safety rating. Musk believed that the new roof makes the interiors feel amazing.

The new venture between Tesla and Solar City will bear fruit when the upcoming Model S compact EV releases mid-2017. However, delays are also expected. As a huge price gap is expected between the P90D and P100D, Tesla may also introduce another car just to bridge the gap.

Many auto and tech experts have however been critical of Musk’s promises with some even stating that Tesla always over-promises and then fails to deliver.

“[C]omplacent shareholders have been willing to look past years of over-promising and under-delivering from a promotional CEO ... Elon Musk's ability to spin a yarn and keep a story going seems to mesmerize his investors, blinding them to the challenges the company is facing,” Greenlight Capital’s David Einhorn said, reports Business Insider.