A new retro-inspired local multiplayer title is coming to the PS4 at the start of 2016. From developer Zanrai comes “Stardust Vanguards,” a battling game that features two to four player couch multiplayer.

According to the official PlayStation Blog, “StarDust Vanguards” will be available from Jan. 19, 2016. The developer has also confirmed the game’s release in North America and Europe.

“Stardust Vanguards” puts the player in control of military soldiers. These soldiers get robotic suits armed with a powerful energy sword and a machine gun with very limited ammo. During the gameplay, players learn new techniques and decide on how to play the game. This offers a more diverse way of playing, as players can either choose to directly take part into the battles or keep it safe in defensive mode by reflecting bullets.

The multiplayer mode lets players prepare their machines to battle against each other. Players will also fight against the armies of space pilots in the frantic space battles with other players. Players will get blades, boosters and a laser machine gun. The game will put the player in challenging conditions where they can survive only by defeating armies of space pirates. These random challenging scenarios will encourage players to destroy capital ships in order to protect the convoys and survive.

“We’re very happy Stardust Vanguards has found a home on PlayStation. This is a game tailor built for fans of couch-multiplayer and PS4 is perfectly suited for it,” said Jason Koohi from Team Zanrai.

The developer said that the game is developed with high-precision but it can be highly surprising. Sometimes, players will have to decide when to backup their forces and when to keep them fighting. The final battle is pretty huge as nearly 100 computer-controlled units will be fighting against the player.

The Team Zanrai has released a new trailer, seen below. Fans can also visit the official page of “Stardust Vanguards” on Zenrai website.

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Stardust Vanguards Trailer | PS4 (Credit:YouTube/PlayStation)