Flappy Bird the game is loved and hated. Some find it stupidly simple and frustratingly difficult.PicArt-J
Flappy Bird the game is loved and hated. Some find it stupidly simple and frustratingly difficult.PicArt-J

Flappy Bird Creator Dong Nguyen will be incorporating the message, "Please take a break," in the game. The game author has plans to return his hit game to the App Store, according to several consultations of the app developer with his fans.

In a recent tweet discovered by Gawker, someone asked him if he would return Flappy Bird to the online store. Flappy Bird's comeback is not clear but Nguyen has said when he re-releases the app, it will come with a warning: "Please take a break."

Such warning can be serious for Nguyen, considering how deeply he was affected by the negative effects the game had on people, which led him to pull it off. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Nguyen revealed he pulled the app from the App Store back in February both because of too much media attention it was garnering and because people became obsessed with the notoriously difficult game. It ruined lives when the app arrived. He even regretted having caused some people lost jobs and some parents to stop paying more attention to their children because they got too hooked to the mobile game.

It was truly great to all Flappy Bird fans to hear he would eventually release again the mobile game in the App Store. But there is so much to comprehend when he responded to a fan's inquiry,
Yes, "but not soon." He confirmed through a series of tweets which are mostly responses to the fans who have been asking him about his mobile game.

A second fan ran into Nguyen at the recently concluded Game Developers Conference which took place in San Francisco, and also received confirmation that Nguyen will relaunch Flappy Bird. Some other excited fan asked him whether he had already made the mobile game available again in the App store. To that, he simply replied "Not yet." He did not indicate any timetable about his plan to put Flappy Bird live again.

Nguyen first hinted that he might reintroduce Flappy Bird during an interview earlier this month, where he said he was "considering" the move. When Nguyen removed the game from the App store, he received death threats on Twitter.

At the height of its popularity, Flappy Bird was earning Nguyen more than $50,000 per day, and even removed from the App store, the game has continued to earn money. In its absence, hundreds of Flappy Bird clones showed on the App store, each attempting to partake of the revenue Nguyen was able to pull in.