Classic PC game “System Shock” is coming back as a full on remake, courtesy of developer Night Dive Studios. The company recently acquired all the rights of everything regarding “System Shock” and has even re-released “System Shock 2” on Steam for PC players.

The news was revealed during an interview Night Dive Studios CEO Steven Kick had with Fast Company. One of the more interesting aspects he mentioned was that the remake of the classic PC title will feature redesigns from original “System Shock” concept artist Robert Waters.

While there aren’t too many known details about the remake, GameSpot has confirmed that it will be coming to consoles. This marks the first time a “System Shock” title will be available on console, as previous games have always been exclusive on computers.

Night Dive Studios is also working on “System Shock 3,” officially adding a new game to the series after over a decade, though the developer is also looking for a big publisher to help sell the game. Prior to the announcement, “System Shock 2” was the last game in the series and was released back in 1999.

In addition to bringing the series to consoles for the first time, Night Dive Studios is also worked on an HD re-release of the original “System Shock” called “System Shock: Enhanced Edition.” Considering how hard it is to find an original copy of the game, this re-release can be seen as a blessing to those that never played the original.

Fans can pick up “System Shock: Enhanced Edition” on Steam and GOG if they want a DRM free version of the game. The enhanced version of the game has cleaned up the visuals to look better, though it also comes with the original version of “System Shock” that came out in 1994.

Looking Glass Studios originally developed “System Shock,” along with its sequel, before the company dissolved. Ken Levine, one of the key creative members of “System Shock,” has since move on and even made the critically acclaimed “Bioshock” series, which has been considered by many to be a spiritual successor to “System Shock.”

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System Shock Enhanced Edition Gameplay (Credit: YouTube/Polygon)