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TOU at the entrance to the Lindt cafe, Martin Place following gun shots. NSW State Coroner's Court

Intense footage of the moment police raided the Sydney Lindt café in December 2014 has been shown at the Sydney siege inquest on Tuesday.

Police can be seen entering and firing into the Lindt Cafe after one hostage escapes following the 16-hour standoff.

Gunman Man Haron Monis who took 17 people hostage at the cafe in Martin Place, Sydney, on 14 December 2014, can later be seen deceased in the footage.

The inquest was called to look into and examine the deaths related to the event, and the police strategies implemented.

Coroner Sophie Callan told the inquest on Tuesday that following the escape of a hostage, Monis fired a shot into the kitchen and ordered cafe manager Tori Johnson to kneel on the floor and place his hands above his head:

“At 2:12am, Monis is heard saying words to the effect, you’ll be alright, you will be fine.”

“Less than a minute later... Monis discharged his weapon for the third time, shooting Tori Johnson in the back of the head and causing him to fall forward onto the cafe floor,” Sky News reported Callan as saying.

Following the death of Johnson, the Tactical Operations Unit acted immediately and stormed the cafe firing at Monis.

Police fired 22 gunshots directed at Monis, with wounds to his head, shoulder, back, chest, arm and foot immediately killing him.

One hostage, Katrina Dawson was killed by a ricocheted police bullet during crossfire.

Photographs of Sydney's cafe siege victims, lawyer Katrina Dawson (L) and cafe manager Tori Johnson are displayed in a floral tribute near the site of the siege in Sydney's Martin Place, December 23, 2014. Reuters/Jason Reed

"I anticipate officers A and B will [tell the inquest] that because Monis was shooting at them, their intention, in terms of the number of bullets they fired, was to continue shooting until such time as they believed he no longer posed a threat," she said.

Callan told the inquest the intention of the large quantity of bullets fired “was to continue shooting until such time as they believed he no longer posed a threat,” the ABC reported.

Footage was also shown presenting Monis deceased on the floor of the Lindt Cafe, as the police sent in a bomb disposal robot.

The inquest still continues and will hear from surviving hostages and look into evidence on police tactics.