A display for the Windows 10 operating system is seen in a store window at the Microsoft store at Roosevelt Field in Garden City, New York July 29, 2015. Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

In case Surface Pro fans are expecting a Microsoft Surface Pro 5 in 2016, they may be disappointed. Even though the company has not revealed anything yet about the highly-anticipated device, rumours and unconfirmed reports are all suggesting a 2017 release.

The hybrid laptop is expected to be powered by Intel’s Kaby Lake processor and hence is getting delayed as the chipsets will be available from end of 2016. As per techradar, Microsoft won’t release the Surface Pro 5 until and unless it has run the device on the Kaby Lake processor and has become comfortable with the 14-nanometre architecture.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to have the USB Type-C port for rapid charging and faster data transfer. It may also sport an Ultra HD 4K display, 16GB RAM and 16MPrear/8MP front cameras, writes YIBADA. Moreover, the Windows 10 Redstone 2 update is not expected till spring 2017 and that is yet another reason why Microsoft is pushing back the Surface Pro 5 release date to 2017.

Microsoft will be holding an event in October and this has led some tech enthusiasts to believe that the Surface Pro 5 may be released or at least announced then. However, this too seems unlikely as the company may be focussing on releasing an all-in-one PC and a revamped Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. It is rumoured that the all-in-one PC will turn users’ desktops into studios.

Thus, the neither the Surface Pro 5 nor the Surface Phone may make it to the 2016 release list. Experts believe that the wait is worth it as the upcoming Surface Pro could be a revolutionary device with the best of specs clubbed into one.

Fans are expecting to at least mention the device in the October event. Meanwhile, it is impossible to know whether the information reported is true or not.