A poster of "Suits" TV series. Facebook/ Suits

The big moment has finally arrived in the two-part finale of “Suits” season 7. Episodes 15 and 16 are a culmination of a long, drawn out romance of Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachael Zane (Meghan Markle). The plot will now fully focus on the marriage of these two characters.

A preview video of the next episode posted on YouTube shows a tender moment between Mike and Rachael. The two characters have hardly had any time to plan their wedding, and the big day is upon them.

This is the moment that the fans have been waiting to see for a long time now. Mike and Rachael ready to take their wedding vows, with Harvey (Gabriel Macht) as the best man and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) as the maid of honour.

The preview shows Harvey asking Mike if he is ready to take this big step. Fans know how seriously Harvey takes marriage, and how important Mike has been in his life as both a colleague and a friend.

The marriage will also bring together all the major characters, some of whom have been missing on the show in the past few episodes. Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) will be there, and so will Sheila (Rachael Harris), a character who previously wanted to avoid being seen with Louis (Rick Hoffman) in public.

It’s a feel good episode all around. The pictures of the finale also show Harvey and Donna sharing a dance. The Darvey storyline is not expected to pick up steam just yet, as Harvey wants some time to think, but the road is now clear for the two characters get into a serious romantic relationship.

Episode 15 is titled “Tiny Violin” and 16 is titled “Good-Bye.” It will be interesting to see if Mike and Rachael decide to move to Iceland for a while, as they previously talked about.