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Immerse in virtual gameplay with the Mighty Sims Bundle 2. The collection contains 10 simulation PC games for just US$2.49 (AU$3.28), but it’s only offered for a limited time. Go ahead and check out the set’s highlights below.

'Ice Lakes' | Sports, Simulation, Indie, Fishing, Multiplayer | Normal Price: US$14.99 (AU$19.74)

This multiplayer game infuses sandbox methodology and ice fishing. It has everything from splendid graphics, various game modes, genuine physics, shifting seasons and weather conditions, a vast selection of places around the world, and of course, lots of fishing gear and fish species. The game has virtual reality support, but in can be enjoyed with or without VR hardware.

All maps in “Ice Lakes” can be played in both single player and multiplayer modes (up to 32 players, online and LAN). Patience, preparedness and perseverance are needed to catch the biggest fishes. The game features 29 fish species, 17 open world maps, 17 competition modes, 16 tournaments and a remarkable fish behaviour engine that handles fish AI and each species’ swarm system.

'Soviet Monsters: Ekranoplans' | Strategy | Normal Price: US$14.99 (AU$19.74)

Take charge of the biggest secret aircraft made during the Soviet cold-war era, the Ekranoplan. Handle its programme well and manage resources carefully to keep its daily operations running smoothly. All of those things are essential in order for the craft to be ready when warfare begins.

Get to fly a dozen Ekranoplans and go through lifelike and exciting missions. Do not allow the enemy to disrupt the process and earn the ultimate honour: the Lenin Star. This game is available in a number of languages, including English, Italian and Russian.

'Real Heroes: Firefighter' | Action, Casual, Adventure, Indie | Normal Price: US$9.99 (AU$13.14)

This first-person fire and rescue action game is what anybody who wants to be a real firefighter must run through in order to get up to speed. Get to know the tools of the trade before taking on massive fires and saving potential victims. “Real Heroes: Firefighter” features realistic fire enhancements and more than nine levels and locations.

Each Steam key is sourced straight from every game’s authorised publisher and delivered directly after purchase. The Mighty Sims Bundle 2 offers US$73.41 (AU$96.56) or 97 percent in total savings, so go check it out at Bundle Stars before June 29 before it’s completely gone.

The Mighty Sims Bundle 2 complete line-up:

  1. Ice Lakes
  2. Car Mechanic Simulator 2014
  3. Real Heroes: Firefighter
  4. Euro Truck Simulator
  5. Safety First!
  6. Romopolis
  7. Car Mechanic Manager
  8. Megapolis
  9. Townopolis
  10. Soviet Monsters: Ekranoplans


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