Steam sale: Get 25 PC games for just US$1 with the Dollar Galaxy Bundle

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One dollar deals are always welcome, and it’s better when they both have quality and quantity. The Dollar Galaxy Bundle is one such deal. It contains 25 PC games for just US$1.00 (AU$1.34), but it’s only available for a limited time. Read on and find out what the package has to offer.

'Cyber City 2157: The Visual Novel' | Adventure, Indie, Casual, Visual Novel, 2D | Normal Price: US$5.99 (AU$8.02)

Wake up after what seems like a deep sleep and get to work immediately. Create flawless human replicas called Molds and make way through a place where the sun never goes down.

“Cyber City 2157” is a trancelike fusion of visual novels, arthouse films, theistic ideologies, peculiar choices, cyberpunk culture, postmodern literature and the everyday struggles of a man gone astray in a fast-paced reality. The game is an actualisation of non-existing dreamlike entertainment.

'Machine Made: Rebirth' | Early Access, Indie, RPG, RPG Maker | Normal Price: US$4.99 (AU$6.68)

This classic science fiction RPG features Tibby, an innocent child caught in the middle of a mechanical apocalypse. Help her rediscover her essence and memories so that she may stand a chance against the malevolent Machine God that intends to take over the world. Tibby isn’t alone, however, as she is set to be aided by a colourful cast of allies.

'Energy Balance' | Indie, Casual, Puzzle | Normal Price: US$2.99 (AU$4.00)

A marvellous mission becomes a struggle for survival when a spacecraft experiences a mysterious glitch and all systems fail. Help everybody on board get home safely by balancing energy forces.

“Energy Balance” is a game that’s easy to learn, but puzzlingly difficult to master. Work that brain muscle and switch those power units until the numbers form the correct arrangements both horizontally and vertically. Take a look under an alien space shuttle’s hood and expect the unexpected.

Steam keys, which are sourced from each game’s official maker, are instantly delivered once purchase of the suite is finalised. The Dollar Galaxy Bundle offers US$54.75 (AU$73.26) or 98 percent in overall savings, so head over to Bundle Stars before June 23 and take advantage of the deal.

The Dollar Galaxy Bundle complete line-up:

  1. A Trip to Yugoslavia: Director's Cut
  2. Adventures On The Polluted Islands
  3. Bacteria
  4. BitMaster
  5. Citalis
  6. Cyber City 2157: The Visual Novel
  7. Dear Red: Extended
  8. Energy Balance
  9. Energy Cycle
  10. Farnham Fables
  11. Gone In November
  12. Hiiro
  13. Hyposphere
  14. Just Hero
  15. Liveza: Death of the Earth
  16. Machine Made: Rebirth
  17. Madrobot X
  18. Make it indie!
  19. Merger 3D
  20. North
  21. Puzzle Galaxies
  22. Retention
  23. Russian SuperHero Dead Ivan
  24. SkyTime
  25. SweatShop


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