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During an interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, “Kingdom Hearts” creator Tetsuya Nemura unveiled something that could excite many fans. The first of which is that there will be new “Kingdom Hearts 3” information revealed in the D23 Expo and that a “Kingdom Hearts” mobile game might also be announced in that same event.

Saying that people are hyped about the upcoming arrival of “Kingdom Hearts 3” would be a huge understatement. The combination of Disney and Square Enix characters made for a heartwarming experience that no fan ever expected and given that “Kingdom Hearts 2” ended in a cliffhanger, one could see why so many fans are excited for the sequel, let alone a mobile spin-off.

Touch Arcade touched on the fact that this isn’t the first attempt at making a “Kingdom Hearts” mobile game, in fact there have been two attempts, one of which was successful and the other, not so much. The first “Kingdom Hearts” mobile game was “Kingdom Hearts: Coded,” a puzzle game that was exclusive to Japanese phones, but later found life as a Nintendo 3DS title.

The second attempt at a mobile “Kingdom Hearts” game would have had the subtitle of “Fragmented Keys.” It seemed like it would be a full blown “Kingdom Hearts” game for iOS devices and would have featured characters from “Wreck it Ralph,” “Frozen” and the recently acquired “Star Wars” license.

While there have only been two official games in the “Kingdom Hearts” series, though some would argue that “Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep” for the PSP is important to the game’s canon, there have been numerous “Kingdom Hearts” spin-off games. There are several “Kingdom Hearts” titles in the 3DS, like the aforementioned “Coded” game and even a Gameboy Advance title called “Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories,” which was later remade into a PlayStation 2 title.

Fans hoping for the various “Kingdom Hearts” related announcements made by Tetsuya Nemura and Square Enix will have to wait a bit longer. A report from Pocket Gamer stated that the D23 Expo is still in August, so fans are going to wait for quite awhile to find out about “Kingdom Hearts 3” and the possible “Kingdom Hearts” mobile game.

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KINGDOM HEARTS III -- Announcement Trailer (North America) (Credit: YouTube/DisneyVideoGames)