Spyslide webcam cover is super thin and practical; Small security device ships in July

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Spyslide webcam cover
The Spyslide webcam cover is the ideal device to shield webcams and secure digital privacy. It’s thinner than a paperclip and install in seconds. Spyslide/Spy-Fy

The Spyslide webcam cover is the ideal device to shield webcams and secure digital privacy. It’s thinner than a paperclip and install in seconds. It launches in July for €10.00 / US$10.99 / AU$14.99.

Modern technology is fascinating and accommodating. It makes life easier and makes everything move faster. But it’s also dangerous, and it can easily be used against an unaware victim.

Internet security is an important issue nowadays. Anybody can be hacked within seconds without the user’s knowledge. Hackers can take over personal emails, social networks and even apps right under the device owner’s nose.

Webcam hacking has now become a common form of security breach that even the most novice of offenders can execute. Hackers are now able to override webcams and record victims without their knowledge by disabling the light indicator. FBI director James Comey even recommends that desktop, laptop and tablet owners cover their devices’ webcams with tape and “take responsibility for their own safety and security.”

Yes, a tape cover works. Even Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg uses it on his laptop. But for those who are looking for a more sophisticated solution, the Spyslide webcam cover is the perfect choice.

The Spyslide is the practical hardware answer to block webcam spying. Like tape or sticker, it can be installed within seconds. It’s also the thinnest webcam cover currently available in the market at 0.023 inches (0.6 mm), making it far thinner than a regular paperclip.

The new security gadget easily slides open and closes. What’s more, it’s compatible with all kinds of webcams, including those from tablets, laptops and desktops. It even fits on a handful of smartphone cameras, although it’s not suitable for handsets with slightly raised snappers like the ones that Apple iPhones have.

The Spyslide’s developers hail from the Netherlands. They’ve been working on the project since January 2015. And it all started with sticker covers.

“We were annoyed by the stickers and Post-its on our laptops and we decided to develop a better alternative to secure our online privacy,” the Spyslide team said. “We are confident that our dedication and time to our work has resulted in an incredible device that exceeds all the needs in a webcam cover.”

The Spyslide webcam cover comes with a €10.00 / US$10.99 / AU$14.99 retail price, but is also being offered in discounted packages. The small security device is available in two colours: matte black and metallic silver. It ships worldwide for free in July.


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