A Star Wars BB-8 remote-controlled toy by Sphero is used to show off the Bosch Inertial Measurement Unit sensor (BMI055) during the 2016 CES trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada January 8, 2016. Reuters/Steve Marcus

Earlier this year, Sphero demoed how its motion-tracking Force Band could control a small BB-8 droid. Now, the company has teamed up with If This Then That (IFTTT) to extend this technology and control various applications and smart home devices.

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IFTTT provides a service that allows customers to automate virtually anything within their home as long as it uses various triggers and actions. A user can theoretically use the service to turn on lights or post on Twitter in an easier and more efficient manner. However, partnering this up with Sphero’s Force Band allows these same actions to be activated with a force push, pull or stop.

With a few dedicated gestures via the Force Band, wearers will be able to control certain connected gadgets. Using a push and pull gesture could change the colour of one’s Philips Hue lights, or star playing the "Imperial March" tune. Users can also use the device to make phone calls, mute music, control room temperature or start up a coffee machine.

The BB-8 Sphere with accompanying Force Band is available for EUR159.99 (AU$265). And while partnering up with IFTTT does make the wearable more relevant, there is a debate about whether or not it is worth the investment. Sphero’s own advertisement illustrates a very valid point, which is ironically against purchasing the device at all.

Watch “Use The Force: The Coffee Machine” advertisement

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In the advertisement, the man makes a big show about using his hand gestures to start the coffee machine. The thought of it, as well as the act itself, is futuristic and fun. However, the woman then points out that the coffee filter and coffee beans were not in the machine yet. The entire show that the man put on was negated because of its infectivity.

The Force Band by Sphero is more a toy than anything else at this point. Its partnership with IFTTT does, however, put it one step closer to being an effective piece of technology. Moreover, it is proof that this kind of technology is well within reach.