With the holiday season fast approaching, Sony is now gearing up for one of its most exciting events for December. The PlayStation Experience, happening in San Francisco come Dec. 5 and 6, will usher in some glimpses and sneak peeks at new titles coming to PlayStation platforms.

At the actual event, however, Sony has prepare another game involving new collectible cards. Dubbed as the PlayStation Collectible Cards, these contain some of the anticipated titles for PlayStation.

According to the PlayStation Blog, there will be 35 cards that will be released at the PlayStation Experience 2015 event, though it is said to be the first 35 in the series. Sony is quick to add that there are also some rare cards coming, which pushes the total number to 66.

This is a meta-game for those attending the event. The cards can easily be obtained by playing some of the games in the different booths at the event. As a bonus for attendees, there are other events that will allow fans to rake in some interesting collectibles apart from the cards.

All of these are on top of what always comes around at the PlayStation Experience. These include the new announcements, features and reveals for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita games.

Just recently, Sony’s own Shuhei Yoshida, SCE Worldwide Studios president, revealed some new tidbits about its virtual technology device PlayStation VR. DualShockers spotted via the PlayStation Broadcast a few new details for the device, including some games that have been connected to the PlayStation VR.

It appears that the company has gone beyond merely bringing a virtual visual experience to players. Their experimentation with move, the PlayStation VR can now involve bringing people together virtually as though they are all together in one physical space. More than just seeing what’s in front in a 3D way, the technology has now grown to encompass a more social interactive space.

Yoshida also mentioned a few games that have been slated for a PlayStation VR release. It seems as though titles like “Until Dawn: Rush of Blood” and “Robinson: The Journey” are seeing some great developments for the device. Yoshida described them as having great graphics and a fun experience for everyone. Two driving titles “Gran Turismo Sport” and “Driveclub” for VR were also seen as a new take on the games. Hopefully, some of these titles will be seen at the PlayStation Experience event.

"Driveclub" for VR gameplay (Credit: YouTube/8.99000 views)

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