Skype And Microsoft CEOs
Microsoft Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Steve Ballmer (L) and Skype CEO Tony Bates shake hands at their joint news conference in San Francisco, May 10, 2011. Reuters/Susana Bates

Microsoft Skype announced on Tuesday that it updated to version 5.5 for Android. The new update come with two new improvements, i.e. more battery life and a more simplified log in. The update is already available in Google Play Store.

“Skype 5.5 for Android changes the way the device’s battery is used and also improves the use of notifications to extend the overall battery life,” reports Winbeta. With the new update, it is now easier for users to sign back into Skype as it remembers the log in details of users. This means users don’t have to enter their log in details every time they wish to access Skype, unless they want to.

To log in to Skype, users only need to tap on an arrow. For security, this default Skype settings can be changed. Users can opt to input the password everytime they access Skype though an Android phone. This option is available under the Privacy section in the Settings menu, once users log-in.

Skype has also rolled out a feature in which users can preview Web links while chatting on the app. The feature allows users to get a visual preview of the content on the link sent to them, making it easier for them to know what is shared in chat. This feature has previously been launched for iOS and Mac devices.

Last month, Skype had rolled out an update for its iPhone app, adding some new features to the Apple Watch. The update allowed users to respond to chats via the Apple Watch. With the update, users can use voice for text inputs and a wide range of emoticons.

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