The Sims 4 City Living DLC
"The Sims 4" next expansion will allow Sims to mingle in the big city of San MyShuno. Maxis

“Sims 4” players can look forward to a new hustling and bustling city of San Myshuno with its new expansion, City Living.

The expansion will introduce Sims players to the experience of living in the big city. And with that come the need to go apartment hunting. The new trailer

“Choosing the perfect home has never been easier. Because now, like Sims, every apartments has traits. Raising a family? Find a building near good schools, and kids will get higher grades. Looking to make new friends? Choose an apartment with a Party Place trait. Traits are characteristics that can provide benefits or challenges,” as per the Sims trailer.

Just like living in a real world, the Sims’ apartments and environments can help enhance their skills and their lifestyles. For instance, low rent may have its benefits, but it will also come with some crucial tradeoffs. There can be real-world problems such as faulty electricity, pests, and leaky facilities. And then there are also some out-of-this world problems, such as a previous owner who may have found the apartment a little to die for.

As the Sims progress, it can also mean moving to a new apartment that is more suited for the needs of the Sims. This is important since it will help add to the Sims’ own career in the new city.

Moving to a new place also means meeting new people, and “The Sims 4” City Living pack makes this interesting. Players can meet all sorts of neighbors, which they can become enemies or friends with. It also means hanging out with them to play games or entertain them in different ways.

Penthouses seem to be the top-tier in apartment living. Builders will enjoy designing penthouses, as they can be recreated from scratch, depending on one’s needs. For the most part, living in the new city will make players feel like the space is limited—just as an apartment should be.

But for what it’s worth, the developer has made sure that the world is closer and within reach, so that “The Sims 4” players can experience every new activity that the expansion will bring.

“The Sims 4” City Living will be out on Nov. 1.

"The Sims 4" City Living Official Apartments trailer (Credit: YouTube/The Sims)