A poster of the film "Shazam." Shazam/ Facebook

“Shazam!” is a highly anticipated movie that tells the tale of a very different kind of a superhero. While the fans are eager to see the film, no one seems more excited than cast member Zachary Levi, who plays the titular role.

With the success of superhero movies at the box office, many actors want to jump on the band wagon. For Levi, however, it appears to be a dream come true to play a “bone fide” superhero. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, a video of which has been posted on YouTube, the actor spoke about playing the role, and he also discussed what it was like to film a scene.

In the interview, Levi recalled the first time he put on the superhero suit and filmed a scene. The actor said that the experience felt “insane” because it felt “very real” in that moment, even though he later added that the whole experience of playing a superhero doesn’t feel entirely real even now.

Levi revealed that his superhero suit has a practical light. The actor recalled the moment when he felt like a real superhero. One of the scenes they filmed involved the actor standing in the middle of a fog, and the light on his chest shined through the mist. Levi said that it felt “cool” to film this scene, and when he later went back to watch this scene on the monitor he said that he felt like a “bona fide superhero,” and he wanted to look like that the whole time.

Even though the release of the film is imminent, Levi hasn’t seen it. The actor revealed that he has just seen the trailers, but added that he has every confidence in Director David F. Sandberg, the producers and the other executives involved in the project.