Names of the additional casts for “Sharknado 3” have yet to be announced. However, Tara Reid recently teased about the movie’s stars. She also expressed her hope for the U.S. President Barack Obama and “Harry Potter” actor Daniel Radcliffe to make an appearance.

Tara Reid dropped by 2DayFM on Tuesday, Jan 20, to talk about the third sequel. According to Mail Online, she told breakfast hosts Dan and Maz her hopes for some politicians to make a cameo in the movie. Since “Sharknado 3” will reportedly be filmed in Washington D.C. and Florida, Reid wondered if Barack Obama could somehow also be involved. “I'm sure we'll get some political people definitely involved - Do I think we’ll get Barack Obama?” she joked, although also doubted he would be cast. However, she claimed “with Sharknado, anything can happen!”

The “American Pie” actress also addressed other rumours surrounding the movie’s casting. British actor Daniel Radcliffe had reportedly previously expressed his interest to star in the sequel. Reid was asked for a confirmation to which she replied “He might be in it,” since it’s believed to be one of the actor’s favourite movies.

“He was like, ‘I would definitely, definitely be in the third one’ - so if he keeps his word then I think he's one person that you can probably count on as a cameo,” the actress told co-host Dan Debuf.

Tara Reid even teased Radcliffe’s possible role in “Sharknado 3.” The actor would supposedly be cast to play his iconic role as the wizard Harry Potter. She believed it would make the sequel more interesting and “funnier.” Reid claimed it would be “legendary” if the third movie gets Daniel to play as Harry Potter.

According to Eonline Ian Ziering will also reprise his role in the third film along with Tara Reid. Anthony C. Ferrante will also return to direct the TV movie with a script from Thunder Levin. “Sharknado 3” currently doesn’t have a subtitle but it’s already slated for a July schedule in SyFy. Eonline claimed the third film was announced even before “Sharknado 2” premiered. The sequel will supposedly start filming on the Eastern Seaboard, starting in Washington D.C. and moving on down. Whether Daniel Radcliffe and President Barack Obama will be cast still remains unclear.

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