File Photo Of Employee Of Samsung Electronics Walking Past The Company Main Office In Seoul
An employee of Samsung Electronics walks past the company main office in Seoul in this April 6, 2010 file photo. REUTERS

Samsung guns to claw back to its former glory in the global smartphone market by making sure that the Galaxy S6 release date will be on schedule with the flagship Android device sporting an entirely new design language.

For 2015, the Samsung battle cry appears to be No Delays that will mark both the company's production and release calendars for the next Galaxy hero phone.

Exynos-only Galaxy S6

The Galaxy launch has been perennially plagued by production and distribution push backs that this year Samsung is resolved to do away with. To do just that, the Asian tech titan is streamlining its supply and production efforts.

In a report by DigiTimes from Taiwan, it was suggested that the Galaxy S6 will stick to a single processing chip, a move that deviates from the approach in recent years. Samsung traditionally issues its flagship in two key editions - one powered by a top-tier Snapdragon chip and the other by its in-house Exynos application processor.

The Galaxy S6 release will change this tack as DigiTimes claimed that Samsung is likely to skip the use of Snapdragon 810 on its upcoming handset due to performance hiccups that could result to manufacture and rollout delays.

In order to mitigate the impact of the impending issue, Samsung thought it wise to simply power the Galaxy S5 replacement with the latest Exynos CPU beast.

The set-up, however, would only apply in the first batch of shipments as the South Korean device maker will keep its door open for Qualcomm. There is a chance that the chipmaker could recover quickly enough from its woes and Samsung would be glad enough to order the 801 chips for the Galaxy S6, DigiTimes said.

Completely new design language

As strongly indicated in previous reports, Samsung will try to win back Sammy fans by bringing the Galaxy S6 out of the box with premium build and feel - pushing a notch closer to the hot-selling iPhone 6.

The rebuild speculations range from the device becoming all-metal or having a model that is similar to that of the Galaxy Note Edge.

One thing is sure though - the Galaxy S6 will be very different from its predecessors and this scenario is signalled by Samsung's latest hire.

Samsung will have a new design chief in the person of Lee Don-tae and as can be expected he was immediately tasked to refresh the Galaxy S6 feel, Business Insider said in a new report. Lee will also be responsible for the redesign of Samsung's consumer electronic products.

Lee is a certified A-lister in the industrial design world and one solid proof of that is he once called Jony Ive a colleague. Lee worked before for Tangerine, which is a design firm that was the brainchild of Ive.

Ive, of course, is Apple's design guru that oversees the final design templates that will be used on the Mac computers, the iPhones, the iPods and the iPads.

Release date for the Galaxy S6 could be April this year or as early as March 2015 if indeed Samsung will successfully eliminate production delays.