Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 With Ultra Voilet Rays Tracking Sensors Reuters

Since Samsung started to launch Galaxy Note devices, they have always done so during the yearly IFA Trade Show in Germany every September. With that said, avid Samsung users are expecting for the Korean tech giant to make the official announcement regarding their upcoming flagship phablet – the Galaxy Note 5 – by then.

They have even become more expectant when a Samsung executive confirmed during a conference call that the Galaxy Note 5, indeed, was going to be out by September. According to Bloomberg, Rhee In Jong told investors that the device will be alongside Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay is the Korean tech company’s version of Apple Pay. It is a wireless payments service that was initially slated for a July release for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge users in the U.S. and Korea, as reported by BGR. However, the company had reportedly opted to launch it alongside the upcoming flagship phablet.

“The new service will likely be deployed on its next Galaxy Note device,” Claire Kim of Daishin Securities Co. said. “The key is how fast Samsung will be able to expand the service to lower end devices.”

Although there was no actual confirmation that they Rhee and Kim were referring to the Galaxy Note 5, they did mention that it was going to be the “next Galaxy Note device”

When Samsung purchased LoopPay, Inc. in February, the public was quick to assume that the company had something up their sleeve with regards to mobile payments. True enough, a month after the purchase, Samsung announced that they had collaborated with MasterCard, Inc. and Visa, Inc., making their payments service compatible with 90 percent of the magnetic strip card readers that are being used in different establishments today.

Samsung is reportedly planning to make their presence stronger in other tech markets, namely in Australia, China, South America and Europe, starting from later this year. That said, a Galaxy Note 5 that comes pre-installed with Samsung Pay just might do the trick.

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