Samsung Galaxy S8
Justin Denison, Samsung senior vice president of Product Strategy, introduces the Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones during the Samsung Unpacked event in New York City, United States March 29, 2017. Reuters/Brendan McDermid

The release of Samsung Galaxy S8 was one of the most closely-watch product launches this year. The device is going to finally reach the US this week. The South Korean tech giant needs a super-start to win back its lost customer after the Galaxy Note 7 disaster.

The company had to recall nearly three million Note 7s due to faulty batteries. It is keeping its fingers crossed. Pre-orders for the new phone become available on Tuesday in South Korea. Some customers are already complaining about a strange red hue on their Galaxy S8 screens. Samsung believes that the hue is not a defect, and users can easily rectify the problem by adjusting the display’s colour range in Settings. It is unclear how many complaints Samsung received and the company wouldn’t divulge either.

The company in an emailed statement has stated that Samsung Galaxy S8 has an adaptive display having the ability to optimise the colour range, sharpness and saturation, depending on the environment. Fans have already uploaded numerous images of the device with a red tint. Some are even jokingly calling the phone the “cherry blossom edition.” It will be interesting to see how big this problem is and if at all it is a problem. Samsung has revealed that the S8 has notched up more pre-order sales than its predecessor, the Galaxy S7.

Samsung is looking at more than a million pre-orders in its home market. While many are complaining about the red hue on the Galaxy S8 screens, industry experts are of the opinion that display screens with a certain tint aren’t new and have appeared in other mobile devices. The Apple iPhone 7 and Google Nexus 5 received a lot of complaints because of a strange yellowish hue. However, such a hue in a top-tier Samsung phone is unexpected, especially when Samsung is looking to make things right.

Moreover, Samsung will be supplying OLED screens to Apple for its 10th anniversary iPhone 8 this year. Samsung Display supplies a large number of screens to various other companies as well. The reported red tint is some of the Samsung Galaxy S8 handsets could be because of a faulty chip attached to the display panel, responsible for adjusting the screen’s colour performance. President at Amherst, N.H.-based DisplayMate Technologies Corp., Dr. Raymond Soneira, feels it’s not a hardware issue.

Soneira said if it’s a software bug, it can be fixed easily. But problematic factory calibrations of OLED panels could send the handsets back to the factory. The Galaxy S8’s numerous display settings could also be the cause for the red tint. Samsung is certain that there won’t be any battery problems this time, despite the fact that the battery seems to have changed little from the Note 7. The smartphone-maker has reportedly already tested more than 100,000 batteries in the new devices, reports The Australian.

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