Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S7 smartphone and its box are pictured in an illustration taken October 19, 2016. Reuters/Leonhard Foeger

A lot of changes are being reported that are coming to the Samsung flagship Galaxy S8. Some of the changes being reported by various websites are removal of the physical navigation keys, moving the fingerprint scanner to the rear of the phone and adding 3D Touch-type functionality to on-screen navigation buttons. Not any of these have been confirmed by Samsung though these came from Android Police’s David Ruddock.

According to Forbes, Samsung is also aiming for a larger screen, covering the whole phone. The Samsung Galaxy S8 display may extend more to the top and bottom of the device. Another rumour suggests that Samsung could also be removing the 3.5mm headphone jack as to have a larger screen, removing the jack is necessary. The 3d Touch function is definitely a winner as it will make navigating the device a breeze.

If Samsung is really transferring the fingerprint scanner to the back of the Galaxy S8 flagship, this may seem unnecessary to many as there is already technology that enables the fingerprint sensor to be placed beneath the screen without the physical Home button. Without shifting the scanner to the rear of the device, Samsung can use Qualcomm’s SenseID technology that uses ultrasonic waves to scan fingerprints.

Most importantly, the SenseID technology can operate through glass and does not require actual physical touch. Samsung can easily adopt this technology and so can Apple. Plus, the SenseID is much more secure than traditional fingerprint scanners and can unlock phones real fast as it produces live scans. Many fans want Samsung to use this technology and not move the fingerprint scanner to the back.

However, Ruddock’s tweets on the Samsung flagship are a relief for many fans as they are scouring for information on the widely-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8.