Samsung Galaxy Note 5
A Samsung Electronics Galaxy Note 5 smartphone is seen at the company's headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, October 27, 2015. Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 experienced a major upgrade in 2015, bringing a more premium design and build for users. However, the upgrades were in exchange for a few sacrifices that were to be made by Samsung. Several features were removed from its smartphone including a core feature like its S-pen stylus.

On the other hand, LG recently came up with its latest, LG V10, a premium handset in its V-series. The South Korean multinational electronics company promises all ideal features in terms of specs and display.

According to Android Authority, both the smartphones are the best devices available in the market right now, but which can prove to be the best for you? Have a look.


Both the Note 5 and LG V10 have contrasting designs, with the former focusing on quality build and premium design while the latter prioritising on functionality more than looks. The Note 5 comes with an ultra-thin bezel, making it easy for you to hold the phone in hand. However, its glassy cover makes it slippery at the same time. On the contrary, LG V10’s metal casing renders a strong grip when held in hand.


You will appreciate the large 5.7-inch screen size in both the smartphones, but the Note 5 boasts of super AMOLED technology for its display while the V10 features an IPS LCD panel for its phone. However, comparing the display quality of both the phones, the Note 5’s more saturated look is highly preferable than what you will find in the LG V10.


Under the hood, the Note 5 comes with an octa-core Exynos 7420 processor set up at 2.1GHz. In contrast, the LG V10 is packed with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor clocked at 1.82GHz. Given the powerful processors in both the phones, they perform quite well. However, the Galaxy Note 5 performs better than the LG G10 in terms of frame rates and load times for an enhanced gaming experience.

Hence, if you were to make a choice between the two phones, the Galaxy Note 5 has a more elegant and sleeker design with inarguably better display. On the flip side, if durability is a primary concern for you then you should opt for the LG V10.