Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 Prime/Galaxy F: Hints to Release Date and a Metal-Body Alpha Lineup

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File Photo Of Employee Of Samsung Electronics Walking Past The Company Main Office In Seoul
An employee of Samsung Electronics walks past the company main office in Seoul in this April 6, 2010 file photo. REUTERS

Though the latest rumour about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 involves retinal scanning, it appears that it may be more than just serving as another way to protect your smartphone.

After the big revelation of the Samsung Exynos ModAP Series, which reports have speculated may debut on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, a new security measure may also come to Samsung's upcoming Note device.

GSM Arena spotted the latest tweet from @SamsungExynos, which teases the image of an eye alongside the caption, "Security can be improved using features unique to us. That's what we envision. What would you use?"

The report fuels the speculations on secure payments as in the likes of Paypal with the Samsung Galaxy S5, but this time with potentially the retinal scan instead of a fingerprint scanner.

Considering that Samsung devices are already sporting the Smart technology that makes use of eye movement to track and maintain commands with such as keeping the screen from locking, it's not impossible that this feature will be next on Samsung's list.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime/Galaxy F Beaten by the Galaxy Alpha?

For the longest time, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime/Galaxy F has been the smartphone rumoured to feature the first metal body for the South Korean company. But it seems that Samsung may actually have another high-end smartphone lineup planned out to feature a more premium design.

CNet has spotted a report from ETNews, a Korean publication which named the Galaxy Alpha, a device planned with an August release and one that would compete with Apple's iPhone 6 in the premium line.

Whether or not this is the same Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime/Galaxy F only with a new Galaxy Alpha name has not yet been confirmed, but this is the first time that "Galaxy Alpha" has been mentioned under Samsung. The only similarity with Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime/Galaxy F is the metal body that would finally bring Samsung to the line of premium phones.

But as far as rumours go, this is still unverified by Samsung and remains as another offshoot for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime/Galaxy F speculation.

S Pen to be Revamped as Ultrasound-enabled?

Another rumour surrounding the Galax Note devices involves the possibility of an improved S Pen in the future.

SamMobile spotted a new patent application detailing the S Pen stylus with a digitizer. It seems that the new S Pen will have ultrasound waves which will be picked up by the device. This will then allow for Samsung to produce thinner screens as there will no longer be a need for screens with digitizers.

This would be an interesting addition to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and given that there are no announcements yet of when the Galaxy Note 4 will be announced or released to the public, this technology can make the cut, provided that Samsung gets past potential production issues.

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