Users of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may encounter low WiFI problems and similar connectivity issues. Some users reported not getting more than 54MB while surfing. Fortunately, there are several ways for them to boost their connection speed.

Users can try out the following options to fix their connectivity issues:

  • Disconnect unused devices - it is best to disconnect devices from the WiFi connection if they are not use. Disconnect tablets, laptops, computers and other smartphones.
  • Restart the device and the router - it is best for users to restart their Galaxy Note 3. If the connection remains slow, the paired device should be manually removed. Forget the connection then register your device again under the WiFi. If this does not work then restarting the router should do the trick. Just register the devices once it is back up.
  • Check the internet connection - try another device. Connect it to the router and check whether data transfer remains slow. If the WiFi connection remains the same then it the problems lies on the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Contact the Technical or Customer Support Group of the ISP to report the problem. They can also provide troubleshooting instructions.
  • Scan the area of interference - radio emitting devices and walls can hamper WiFi connections. They can slow down the connection as well. Try to move the device close to the router and check for any improvement. Change the location of the router if there are interferences around. This should help minimize problems. An open space should be helpful.
  • Disable the power saving mode of the WiFi - disabling the power saving mode of the connection is one of the most common solutions to WiFi connection problems. Deactivate the setting and see whether there are any changes. If this will not work, restore the power saving mode.
  • Remove rogue apps - apps can also hamper internet connection. Switch the Note 3 to Safe Mode and check the speed of the Internet. If the problem persists then the issue may be due to hardware particularly the antenna. It is best to bring the device to a technician or service store for proper diagnosis.

Nonetheless, if there is an improvement in the WiFi connection when in Safe Mode then the problem lies on corrupted system files or third party apps. Do a factory reset of the device.