Sam Smith
Sam Smith arrives at the 2014 MTV Music Video Awards in Inglewood, California August 24, 2014. REUTERS/KEVORK DJANSEZIAN/FILE

Despite performing on the "X-Factor" final, Sam Smith has said he would never personally audition for the show. He said that the show is not for songwriters and can even be damaging for those who would rather sing their own songs and not of others.

The "Stay with Me" singer said to Mirror UK that he did not audition for the "X-Factor" and opted to take his own route in the industry for a good reason. He said he does not want to start his career singing covers, which he believes can be "damaging" for aspiring writers. According to Sam, it was a "conscious" decision to not audition. He cryptically said that singing in such competition is "for people, and it isn't for people."

The soulful singer said,"I feel that X Factor is perfect for singers who sing, and that's all they want to do. They don't care what they sing, they just love singing." He added, "You could sing on a cruise ship or release a cover album, that's what it's for. Because when you think about it, every week, that's what you do."

In "X-Factor," he would have to sing other people's songs and then be judged based on other people's music and he was not ready for that, according to Mirror UK. The "I'm Not the Only One" singer said that when he started to write music, he realised that music competitions like X-Factor would not work for him. He said he would want to be known for his voice and songs because that is important to him. He has nothing against those who want to audition for the show, though. He called it an amazing platform for the singers. However, he said that songwriters should avoid it, as it could be damaging for them. It is because after singing other people's music, it is difficult to get appreciation for one's own original work.

The singer is currently in Australia for New Year's Eve. He recently said he's traveling to the other part of the world for holidays because he wants to avoid getting into petty arguments with his family, which often happens when the family starts drinking.

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