Russia has added space power to its military arsenal in its attacks on Syrian insurgents, including the ISIS. It has reportedly mobilised the Earth’s orbit and claims to have positioned 10 satellites in space over Syria.

These 10 satellites comprise more than 10 percent of Russia’s space arsenal, reports the Daily Beast.

Russia is using the satellites to map terrain, spot targets and gather other intelligence. The satellites are also being used to relay radio signals among far-flung ground, air, and sea forces.

On Nov. 17, Valery Gerasimov, chief of the Russian military’s general staff, told reporters that there are 10 imagery and electronic warfare reconnaissance satellites. These satellites, including civilian-use spacecraft, have been involved in reconnaissance. Gerasimov further revealed that controllers on the ground modified some of the satellites’ orbits and focused them on Syria.

In early December 2015, the Russian government circulated imagery provided by its satellite to prove that Turkey is helping ISIS terrorists in exporting oil. Russia Beyond the Headlines then reported that Russia now fields “one of the largest and most effective satellite groups in the world, and it has reached a peak of activity amid the military operations in Syria.”

Though Russia previously used satellites to determine the ISIS fortifications and communication routes, it has taken its space power to a new level since the launch of its military operations in Syria. Satellites can now aim precision weapons, according to the Russia Beyond the Headlines report.

According to Union of Concerned Scientists, a nonprofit advocacy group based in Massachusetts, Russia possesses the second-largest space force—89 satellites, including around 50 belonging to, or working for, the armed forces.

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