A 'Grand Theft Auto Five' Promotion
A promotion for the computer game "Grand Theft Auto Five" is show in a Game Stop gaming story in Encinitas, California September 17, 2013. Reuters

Since it was ported to the PC, “Grand Theft Auto V,” or "GTA V," has been receiving support from the community through mods that can enhance or change the game in various ways. One group of modders, in particular, created their own multiplayer service for the game, which developer Rockstar Games was against.

One of Rockstar’s rules in modding states that no one should tinker with the official “GTA Online” mode lest it results in a ban. Modders exposed a loophole in the rule by creating their own multiplayer mod, which they can tinker to their hearts' content. Despite adhering to the rules, the developer banned the modders anyway.

The mod is named FiveM, and it has been online for several months now. Through the mod, users can play the online mode of “GTA V” with custom multiplayer mods. However, the FiveM mod makes use of a different server, so using mods there will not result in a ban.

Rockstar had been stern in laying down the ground rules for modding. Mods for single-player mode are allowed, but crossing the boundaries to modding multiplayer modes will see the player’s account suspended. Technically, by creating their own multiplayer server, the creators of FiveM did not break any of the rules and they insist that they should be exempt from the ban. According to them, the mod is just the single-player mode with their own online add-ons.

One of Rockstar’s main reasons for not allowing mods to the multiplayer mod is for gamers to have a fair playing field online. Also, Rockstar’s multiplayer mode cannot be accessed with a pirated copy of the game, so players will have to purchase a legit copy of the title. However, with the new multiplayer mod, players with pirated copies may be able to play online.

In an interview with Eurogamer, FiveM user Ash Rogers said that the mod assures that people who play the mod own a legit copy of the game rather than a pirated one. This means that players with a pirated copy can’t play the multiplayer mode. He added that players who used the mod got their accounts banned, preventing them from playing even the single-player mode. The developer has not yet commented on the banning of FiveM.

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