Xbox One fans should get ready for a new title from developer Psyonix. Announced at The Game Awards, "Rocket League" will be coming to the Xbox One in early 2016. A new trailer has also been featured at the show.

From the creators of physics-based vehicle soccer video game “Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars,” “Rocket League” also features the same physics-based vehicle sports game that lets players choose armed cars to hit the enemies. It boasts of rocket-powered fast cars that will pit players against each other in a race to win.

The arrival of “Rocket League” for Xbox One was already in talks when studio director Dave Hagewood replied to an interview question regarding the game release. According to GameSpot, Hagewood had hinted at that time, he could not confirm, but they're looking at all the platforms. There may also be some announcements coming up, hopefully before the year ends.

Just like the old series by Psyonix, the game will get some exclusive platform-specific content. Two new vehicles, the Armadillo and Hogsticker, will be available on the Xbox One version. The Hogsticker is an alternate version of the famous Warthog from the “Halo” series and the Armadillo is an Armored Personnel Carrier from “Gears of War.” The Xbox One version of “Rocket League” also comes with all the goodies. The players will get all the three content packs – Revenge of the Battle, Supersonic Fury, and Chaos Run. Players will also get six extra Battle-Cars along with the 50 garage items.

Players can also expect many more updates in future as the “Rocket League” has received 10 major updates since its launch earlier in July this year on the PS4 and PC. “Rocket League” is a skill-based game, so the success and failure of its players depend on how their strategy and gameplay style.

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Announcing Rocket League for Xbox One (Credit:YouTube/Xbox)