It looks like “Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster” isn’t just a simple remaster like everyone originally thought. While it won’t be completely rebuilt from the ground up like “Resident Evil 2,” it will feature a number of new character skins and game modes, which might entice veteran players of the game to give it another go.

Two of the new character skins include a Capcom cheerleader outfit for Rebecca and what seems to be a “Commando” inspired costume for Billy, according to GameSpot. While they don’t change anything significant about the gameplay, they should be a fun distraction, considering how serious the game’s tone is.

One new mode that does alter the gameplay, however, is Wesker Mode, which lets players control the future head of Umbrella. This plays a bit differently from the regular mode, as Wesker has several abilities that are unique to him, like the Death Stare and the Shadow Dash.

The game’s official website features details about Wesker’s abilities. The Death Stare has Wesker using an eye beam to attack enemies, similar to Cyclops from the X-Men. If charged up to the fullest, Wesker will unleash a devastating attack on an enemy.

Gamers who have played either “Resident Evil 5” or “Marvel vs Capcom 3” will be familiar with Wesker’s Shadow Run. Unlike in those games, however, the move will only be used to traverse through areas rather than tackle enemies to oblivion.

Rebecca will also be part of Wesker Mode since the game will still feature the two-character mechanic that the original campaign started. Rebecca will also have a new outfit, though her reasons for helping out Wesker have yet to be revealed.

“Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster” is slated for a Jan. 21 release for Japan and will be a digital-only title for the rest of the world. Those who pre-order the digital version of “Resident Evil 0” will get the Capcom Cheerleader costume of Rebecca and the “Commando” suit of Billy.

Players who want a physical version of the game can pre-order the “Resident Evil Origins Collection,” which bundles the remastered versions of the original “Resident Evil” and “Resident Evil 0.” The bundle also has exclusive costumes for Rebecca and Billy. "Resident Evil 0 HD" will be available for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

Resident Evil 0 - Wesker Mode (Credit: YouTube/Resident Evil)

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