Jamelle Agbuis

Black Friday Business Madness 2013

Nowadays we all know it as term for mad discounts and shopping craziness, but above all, when it comes to business, as billions worth Black Friday deals.

US Household Wealth Leans Over an Uneven Recovery

As H.L. Mencken opined, 'The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable.'

Why Negative Gearing Must Go

The OECD (Organisation for Economic Development and Cooperation) is out with its latest global outlook, warning Australia about the blindingly obvious. That is, labour costs and house prices are too high, which threatens our competitiveness on the global stage.

A Requiem for the Bond Market

The central banks of Japan and the US are killing the private market for government debt. The massive and unprecedented bond-buying programs for Japanese Government Bonds (JGBs) and Treasuries have driven yields so low that investors are now simply stepping aside from involvement in that market entirely.

The Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory Takeover

Yesterday we promised to take a look at the Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory (WCB) takeover. It's one of Australia's largest listed dairy companies and it's the subject of a bidding war between Canadian, New Zealand and Australian dairy interests. (Nick Hubble's Money for Life Letter did quite nicely out of a pre-bidding war WCB tip.)

Samsung’s Smartwatch: Only A Costly Prototype for Customers

Samsung Electronics Co. clarified that its statement made last Tuesday was not entirely accurate. What was the slip-up? Just that the tech firm informed that it had sold more than 800,000 units of its new Galaxy Gear smartwatch since its launch two months ago, when the truth is that it only shipped the 800,000 pieces. From shipping to selling... should we call this a "smartmistake"? The answer lies beneath the facts and poor reviews about its new smartwatch.

Germany To Set 30% Minimum Quota For Women In Boardrooms

Unlike in the U.S., German companies have a two-tier board structure, with a management board around the chief executive that runs the day-to-day operations and a supervisory board that is similar to a U.S. board of directors.

A Flood of Rising Prices

Williams reckons there is only one outcome possible: hyperinflation. A year ago, he expected it in 2019. Now, he's moved up the schedule. He now expects hyperinflation to begin in 2014.

Should Australia Join the Currency War?

As the melt-up in global asset markets continues, today we ask the question: Are central bankers' egotistic hooligans blinded by their own intellectual arrogance? You can probably guess the answer to that one.

What is Holding Up The US Dollar?

The relative strength of the US dollar is one of the great mysteries of the financial world. It has defied predictions of collapse for years, despite copping severe abuse from its managers, the US Treasury and their henchman at the Federal Reserve.

Euro Tour Announces 2014 Schedule

The season begins next week with the 103rd South African Open in Johannesburg and ends 12 months later with the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai, the culmination again of the four-event Final Series.

A Global War on Savers

So Janet Yellen's first hearing took place overnight. It was fairly boring. She's expected to sail through and become the next Chairperson of theUS Federal Reserve. Given that the last few years of extraordinary monetary policy have achieved a miserable recovery, what's she going to do differently?

Google’s Acoustic Experience for Smartglasses

If the yet-unlaunched Google's Glass spectacles are among the wearable computer gadgets on your wish list, we have a new update for you: the tech giant has launched its new set of headphones for listening to music on the go. Yes, with this new upgrade, the augmented reality lenses will become not only a pleasant thing to watch but also to listen.

Ordering Food from an iPad; Trend that is About to Stay

Since this year is about to reach it's end all kinds of trends for the upcoming year are popping out constantly, including everything you can imagine. With no doubt there are 2014 trends for eating out as well. If you want to know what kind of service or food to expect in next year among restaurants, next lines could be your cheat sheet.

How to Effectively Treat Skin Cancer

Staggering, but true, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer - in the United States - costing over $3 billion for the 3 million plus people diagnosed - every year. In fact, scientific papers reveal that, in the past three decades, more people have gotten skin cancer than any other form of cancer combined. With one in five Americans destined to experience skin cancer - we have some important questions to answer.

Toys that Develop Creativity and Intelligence

This holiday season is fast approaching. There are avenues that enhance the creative, intelligent, emotional and spiritual development of children other than expensive toys and/or caving in to slick marketing advertising that convinces parents to purchase the latest toys and gadgets.

Heart Enemy Food Number One, Soon To Be Phased Out

When was the last time you decide to take the right side of the street when it comes to your daily nutrition habits? Or if you're already taking good care of everything that reaches your stomach, have you lately committed a sin, reaching for frozen pizza or doughnut? When it comes to trans artificial fats it's maybe better to think twice before committing eating sin. Trans fats could be easily recognized as heart enemy food number one.