Red Dead Redemption 2
"Red Dead Redemption 2" is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of the year. YouTube/Rockstar Games

“Read Dead Redemption 2” was announced in October last year, but developer Rockstar Games has said hardly anything about the upcoming title since. Nevertheless, fans of the franchise have been at the edge of their sets for new information -- with one of the most popular points of discussion being the characters.

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As noted by, two pieces of unconfirmed information that have been going around are that there are three playable protagonists in “Red Dead Redemption 2” and that the story will be a prequel as opposed to a sequel. As promotional material for the game showcases seven characters at most turns -- two of who look like Dutch and John Marston -- the publication has deduced that the upcoming game takes effect before the original “Red Dead Redemption.”

Dutch’s gang originally had five members, which included himself, John, Javier Escuela, Bill Williamson and Abigail. The promotional material only showcases men, so that leaves out Abigail and leaves spots open for three newcomers, who could be the playable protagonists. This would make sense as Abigail never actually partook in robberies and other outlaw activities.

But then there is the argument that these three are meant to protagonists and not antagonists. The publication argued that these three playable characters are likely to leave the gang before “Red Dead Redemption 2” finishes -- or before “Red Dead Redemption” begins. After all, there was no mention of these three men during the original 2010 Western from Rockstar Games.

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Thus far, “Red Dead Redemption 2” has been confirmed for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, but fans of the franchise have been clamoring for Rockstar Games to make it available for PC players. Nevertheless, storefront promotional material found in the UK has confirmed that the release of the title will fall within the fourth quarter of the year.

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