A screenshot of some of the new Pokemon that arrived in the latest "Pokemon Go" update.
A screenshot of some of the new Pokemon that arrived in the latest "Pokemon Go" update. YouTube/Pokemon Go

"Pokemon Go" players have experienced problems in the game that they believe may be connected to its recent patch. These errors range from small bugs to problems that do not let them play the mobile title properly.

Much of the complaints are reported in the game's official Reddit page. Users such as Collegenoob have reported a variety of errors that the game's patch seems to have caused.

For instance, Collegenoob had to uninstall and reinstall the game every time he or she wants to play. The user added this issue was not present in previous versions of the title.

User ZKXX said turning off wi-fi before connecting allowed him or her to finally play "Pokemon Go." Others had to constantly close and reopen the application before being able to log in.

Another user named Senator-Dingdong complained that the game constantly loses connection. He or she added that the application now drains battery life faster than usual.

The game's features are also affected by these bugs. Gyms and PokeStops tend to not load at all. Some players try to solve these issues by constantly restarting their phones. Unfortunately, some gamers are unable to play the game entirely. For instance, an image from Imgur below appears to detail an instance of the game that only shows the character's sprite.

These bugs can be hassling for players who want to participate in the game's Water Festival event, as added by the new update. The event allows players to capture rare Water-type Pokemon such as Shiny Magikarp. However, if the aforementioned bugs continue to plague the game, then players may not be able to find the Pokemon at all.

Players can view the thread to get an idea of all the issues that the update has allegedly caused. User Gamester92 added in another thread that Niantic Labs may have to create an update specifically to fix the game's bugs. This is because Gamester92 and other gamers have noticed that the bugs constantly bugging the application are carried over in recent updates.

Niantic Labs has not released a comment about the issue. There is also no news on any future patches that might fix these errors.

"Pokemon Go" is available for free in Android and iOS devices. Its recent expansion allowed players to access "Generation 2" Pokemon. These are monsters found in "Pokemon Gold" and "Pokemon Silver."

According to Game Rant, Niantic Labs also plans on releasing three major updates for the game in 2017. The company also plans on including more small events in the next few months.

Meanwhile, players can expect the arrival of legendary Pokemon within the year as well. Unfortunately, Niantic Labs has not revealed any details on a release date.

[Screenshot] Anyone else seen this when going out and back in the app?